Every Polo Ralph Lauren Aficionado Should Read 'All For The Love of 'Lo'

Posted by Infinite Bear on

All For The Love of 'Lo is a brief look into the life of Polo Ralph Lauren collectors. During the mid '80s, Polo Ralph Lauren became extremely popular in the urban market thanks to the Lo-Life crew out of Brooklyn. The brand, founded byRalph Lipschitz of the Bronx, served as a status symbol. Ralph was a rags of riches stories, and many ghetto youth connected with that. It was on par with the Guccis and Versaces during this period. Boosters made a living by "racking" 'Lo from stores like Macy's and Bloomingdale's and reselling them to everybody from drug dealers to regular Joes, all having the love of 'Lo in common. 

By Daniel Leef and Roger Ubina, the 65-page book features various pictures of massive and rare collections—submitted by real life 'Lo heads. Some of the pieces shown can go for thousands on the resale market. Below is an excerpt and a couple photos from the book.

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