The Best Ralph Lauren Looks from ‘A Night of Lo & Lyrics’

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Ralph Lauren's most dedicated fans gathered for a A Night of Lo & Lyrics at Williamsburg's Black Bear Bar on Wednesday of this week. The gathered group was mostly made up of people that identify as Lo Lifes, Lo being short for Polo, a community that formed in the late '80s around a shared love for the legendary American designer.

The event held fashion shows, crowned best outfits, sold merchandise, and had performances all centered around Ralph Lauren. People crowded the space to show off their best Ralph Lauren looks, and fans readily posed in front of the camera where there was no shortage of Equestrian and Paddington bear-themed threads.

However, we quickly learned that the gathered crowd was there for much more to show off their rarest Ralph looks. The party was a celebration among old friends looking to catch up and whose bond had strengthened way beyond Ralph Lauren. Take a look at some of the best looks — and maybe even catch doubles of our favorites — in the gallery above.


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