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We're honored to have Rack-Lo, founder of the infamous Lo-Life crew, onboard as a FRANK151 columnist. Since the '80s Rack has been living that Double L life, putting two Ls up in the name of Love and Loyalty, while dipped head to toe in Polo Ralph Lauren.

Take a few minutes and come on a ride as I paint pictures from one of our Million Man Rush episodes. This time around we heist Polo from one of NYC's most famous department stores. This is how the Lo-Lifes lived at one point in time. Let me reflect!


Amazingly, I remember the day clearly like it was yesterday. 1987 to 1988, Lo-Lifes had linked up with other boostin’ cliques from Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy) and headed to Midtown, Manhattan. The rush for Polo gear was on. Our destination was Bloomingdale’s, but before we got to Bloomies, we ransacked everything in sight. Herman’s [sports goods store] got taken for crazy tennis and ski apparel, particularly Head, Prince, Rossignol, K2, Columbia, Gerry G, Salomon and Goretex.


Heading up 3rd Ave., shit was about to get hectic. Heads (Lo-Lifes) were hungry for the Lo, and we practically would do the craziest things to get it. We were like real stuntmen for the Lo gear. Imagine running from jakes through the train tunnels with mad Lo gear, only to escape through a "secret hatch" that us Lo-Lifes knew about.

So as the story continues, we hit Bloomingdale’s on 59th and 3rd Ave. and entered the men's Lo section like a bunch of wolves.

We came upon an entire table full of Big Cross Flags, and heads went crazy. I mean when I seen all of the bright colors, I just went berserk. There were various types of cross flags, too: tri colors, knitted white and blue, red and blue, blue and white, etc.


We literally took every sweater and headed to the door. The sales person ain’t do nothing, but the detectives were on their way. I had caught like four big flags myself, and was crazy excited full of energy. All I was thinking about was the big payoff and getting out of there. Heads ran for the door, and guess what? We all made it outside safely.

But I would say about five seconds after we exited the store, crazy store detectives appeared and started snatching heads up. Heads started running and taking flight. I even seen one Lo head from Bed-Stuy get thrown into a moving taxicab by a store detective. The dees really tried to go all out on this day. But heads still went all the way to the end for that Lo gear.

I would say about four or five of us were apprehended. The dees even chased one of the Lo-Lifes to the other side of Manhattan near Central Park, but the Lo-Life escaped.

On that day, we were like marathon runners. We took all of the big flags and Bloomingdale’s wanted their property back. They still took a major loss. Yeah, I was one of those who got caught. I kicked an alias and was released. And guess what? The next day I returned to Bloomingdale’s and caught two big flags. Haha, who got the last laugh?


While we were all in the holding cell, my man even stole his mugshot. Now that's a real thief right there. All those Lo-Lifes who had escaped were fortunate. I know when I got back around the way, I saw crazy big flags. So I was amped to get mine.

Shit, I'm a true Lo-Life. It was just the way. Some days everyone got away scot free, and on other days some people got caught. But if you was slick and clever like me, you always found a way to get released. I was a master at kicking aliases and giving a false age.

Bloomingdale’s kept getting rushed. We never let them rest. They hated to see us coming. We ran that spot. Bloomies was our house. From the kids’ Lo section to the men's Lo section, that was all us.

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