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We're honored to have Rack-Lo, founder of the infamous Lo-Life crew, onboard as a FRANK151 columnist. Since the '80s Rack has been living that Double L life, putting two Ls up in the name of Love and Loyalty, while dipped head to toe in Polo Ralph Lauren.

For the Lo-Lifes, our dress code started out as a sporty look and transgressed to various styles accompanied with the Ralph Lauren lifestyle. However, our way of dressing was decided based on three factors; how we felt, the days agenda, and the particular theme according to the season.

Having a wide range of accessories and RL Collectibles is what set many collectors and just Lo-heads apart. For me, obtaining the clothing was the easy part, although it was risky. It was more of a challenge for me to maintain, store, and stash the garments around the house as a teenager. My mom was aware of the stash spots and was very inquisitive as to where I was getting the clothing from. She knew one thing; she or my father wasn't buying them. However, after a decent amount of time she came to expect and understood that being fashionable was who I was becoming. But still, she never agreed or supported my boosting genius.

As I matured through the fashion movement, my taste and style sort of matured along the way as well. I had become more interested in dressing according to my age—business, grown man attire. This is where my love for "ties" had originated. It's ironic how I became fascinated with the "luxury tie" as Ralph Lauren first gained notoriety for launching his tie collection at the start of his designs. What a coincidence.

Furthermore, I had lived a lifestyle that required me to wear a tie daily and luckily my ties were all Ralph Lauren. Once I began taking on the Polo Godfather moniker, my love and obsession grew drastically with the inclusion of other well-known designers as well. I had become the Lo-Life "tie man". So my tie collection consists of all sorts and flavors and styles that include: Polo, Purple Label, Double RL, Lauren, Chaps—printed, paisley, solid, plaid, silk, linen, etc. Many of them are made in Italy. I pretty much cover the entire spectrum.

Being fashion forward thinkers, Lo-Lifes wore the tie in many ways that folks didn't anticipate. Whether it was for the purpose of business, golf, partying, special events, or graduations, "Every man needs a tie to accommodate life's experiences". It's a necessity!

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